Monday, January 22, 2018


Sometimes I panic

Cuz it feels like this love

Is strapped to my heart

Like a bundle of explosives

With faulty wires


Its strength

Sometimes an overload

That I fear will surely

Decimate my vessel

Leave it jigsaw puzzle

Too damaged to reconjoin

Too many pieces gone missing

In the blast

If I don't find a way

To sever this connection

That has me at the mercy

Of cravings with enough force

To trigger

My soul's massacre 

©2018 Charlene E. Green
From my upcoming book You Betta Write!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


The Chori-Man
has a fool-proof plan
to reel 'em in—
as many as he can
with unique specials
only he can create
and sizes so hearty
you can't resist the bait

It's for those who are aware
and those who are not
of how chorizo
made with love
will hit the spot
cure your hunger pangs
satisfy your craving
and before the meal is done
you'll surely be raving

He cares about how
your taste buds feel
wants your stomach so happy
it makes you dance and squeal
then run around town
loudly spreading the news
about how The Chori-Man's recipes
squashed your chow-time blues

Think you won't like it?
Think again!
The Chori-Man's flavor game
will make you scream "AMEN!"

Hard to impress?
No problem and here's why:
this guy has confidence
in every reply
has the perfect feast remedy
for Ms. Picky
and Mr. Side-Eye
with a sales pitch so convincing
you'll be excited to try
all the things you swear
you don't like and don't eat
but he'll win you over so hard
you'll be back for a repeat

So come on in
and bring your big appetite
for down-home Mexican food
that will thrill and delight
with warm greetings
from the staff
smiles full and bright
here to serve you the best eats
from morning till night

And get yourself ready
to become a huge fan
'cause when the others can't deliver

©2017 Charlene E. Green
Special Order for
The Chori-Man Mexican Restaurant
San Pedro, CA

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Love self out loud like
parade: joy and high volume
drown out disruptors

©2017 Charlene E. Green
from my upcoming poetry book
You Betta Write!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I will remind myself
of why I made myself
forget about you
in the first place

I will break out
the mental Sticky Notes
with the sobering cons about us—
not the pros—
scribbled across them
in my tear-stain ink
just for "those moments"
the ones where I was
drowning in my ocean of reconsideration
trying to wrestle myself to safety
chunks of my heart
hurtling from my chest
sinking to the bottom
and there I was
for like the 89th time
making an executive decision
about whether
I should gather my breath
and go swim after them
or stay focused on
making it to shore
let them float on down
in all of their shatter
with your indelible, guilty fingerprints
splashed across them
and see how long I could survive on land
with a vacancy sign
hanging from my abandoned cavity
and no thump
anywhere in sight

I will
call myself
into the office
to have The Talk
huff as I offer myself a seat
furrowed brow
eyes full of fed-up
and tenderness
objection seeping from my contorted lips
in seven languages
pause as I take in my reflection
feel sorry for its naivete
shake my head woefully
at the morsel of pitiful hope
dancing in the tiny cup
it has brought to the meeting—
but know that I must be firm—
this is no time for leniency
to get bamboozled by my excuses—
we passed verbal warnings
a long time ago
is the final write-up

Recent musings
have led me to the most egregious territory:
serious misconduct
offense: self-destruction

blatant disregard
for the years of hard work
I've put into my arrival
at my personal best
when it comes to you

slow reflexes in my attentiveness
to the rapid unraveling
of the threads of love I used
to stitch up my spirit

a nose-dive right back into
the war with myself over you
that it took me so long to finally win

But since I got my back
and I've proven before
that I can do the job
that I can be about that life
my life
without you in it
I know
I will  redeem myself

So in good faith
because I can't resist
the look of sincerity staring back at me
I'll let myself carry on with my day—
but caution myself
that if I don't see significant improvement
I'll have to revisit this conversation
with myself


©2017 Charlene E. Green
from my upcoming book
You Betta Write!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


whatchu know 'bout not knowin'
when everybody else does

whatchu know 'bout how that feel

whatchu know 'bout wakin' up every mornin'
question marks creepin' thru yo' psyche
'boutcho journey
'bout where the support
from people who said they would
ignored you when you asked
when of the next pay
perseverance for breakfast, lunch, dinner
disappointment for a midnight snack

whatchu know 'bout that bein' the only meal you got sometimes

whatchu know 'bout a dozen cracks in yo' faith
'bout tryna glue 'em up wit' smiles 'n' hope
'bout tears that sneak up on you
when you tryna push thru
tryna hold on to yo' sanity
tryna enjoy the day
make it be the one you can finally write home about
sneak up and snatch the light
right outcho eyes
make it so you cain't see the one
at the end of the tunnel
make yo' soul slip, fall, 'n' shatter
in the river that slides off yo' face

tell me whatchu know

'bout this bag o' fuck-its
that keeps gittin' bigger
growin' heavier by the week
so many that they pokin' holes in it
fallin' out
and into yo' attitude some days
'bout walkin' 'round feelin' like
a tsunami
on a sunny, 90-degree day
like a 10-car pileup
too convoluted to free yo'self from

whatchu think you know

you don't know like I know
'bout purpose
'bout trustin' destiny
'bout loyalty to yo' spirit
to yo' craft
'bout the repo man
'bout eviction
'bout stand-alone spirit
in the midst of side-eyes
and critical commentary
'bout rememberin' whatchu had
wonderin' if all this
is worth losin' it for

you don't know

you don't know a damn thang
'bout this

you don't know 'bout
the power of purpose
kinda hold it has on you
how it make yo' spirit swoon and sway
every time you think about it
breathe new life into you
whenever you touch it
whenever you bless people with it
how all you wanna do is be up under it
all day
at all costs
like a new lover
gotchu whipped
you are
its bitch
in the most gratifying way
hell yeah you take orders
jump high as it wants
giggle like a silly, lovesick child
when you do

this purpose

nothin' else matters when you in it
distractions have you salty
cuz the sensation it gives you is the sweetest
greatest joy you ever feel
joy that cain't nobody take from you
this that DNA crack
leave you wit' that healthy high
all-natural drug
you came from the womb wit'
runnin' thru yo' bloodstream
narcotic that give you all yo' act-right
yo' greatest shine
finest temperament
the only drug to cure
what ails you
cain't nothin' but death
keep you from it
ain't no pain
no stress
no obstruction
wicked enough
to derail that train

that train go

ain't no escapin' this thang
ain't no
walkin' away
cuz you frustrated
cuz the road bumpier
than a 5-mile construction zone

where you think you goin'
where you runnin' to

you think you 'bout ta
dodge heredity
that ain't how this works
you cain't leave

how you leave yo'self
where they do that at

this thang
is home
emotional security
comfort food
extra helpings of dessert
shelter from cerebral storms
even when
it is the storm
even when it's disorder
and spilled milk
oh you can cry—
gone 'head 'n' cry
over that milk
but I betchu clean it
right on up
git right on back
to task

you here
with this purpose
thru all yo' numbered days
to let it serve you
so you can serve it to the world
wit' all the bells 'n' whistles
it lets you create
till all who need it from you
get it
till you get
called home

tell me whatchu think you know
'bout this double-edged sword
this purpose
all up in you
thatchu cain't undo

whatchu know
'bout that daily keep-on
'bout the strength it takes
the balls you gotta grow
the spiritual judo you need ta know
to overthrow the devil
on this path every day
so you can deliver these goods
to the people
for the people
for yo'self
to leave yo' mark
convenience these lives
heal these hearts
soothe these minds

and show up
every time
lookin' like
you never
broke a sweat

you don't know

you don't know a damn thang
'bout this

©2017 Charlene E. Green

Friday, May 19, 2017


I was reminiscing about how much fun it was to write my two novels, One Man's Treasure & And They'll Come Home (the latter was the most fun I've EVER had writing, by the way). I enjoyed the writing process for all of my books, but the novels were SO FUN!! I was thoroughly entertained by the memories, and then I thought, "Man! Everyone who wants to write a book should experience this!" And then I thought about all of YOU out there who WANT to do it but are on the fence, for whatever reason, or you've started it and are stuck, and how unfortunate that is, because when you publish a book, no matter what kind ... it just changes you, spiritually. And when people enjoy and leave great reviews about that book, or those books, you go deeper into that place (NOT the "sunken place" either!); you feel so amazing!

Then I had an inspired-thought moment about how I could spur all of you on—those of you who need to get off the fence and WRITE THAT BOOK. And it came to me. So this is what I'm gonna do. Y'all ready?

For the rest of this month, I'm gonna have a Creative Consultation Special called "May I Help You Write Your Book?" Get it? Cuz it's May, and ... yeah ... you get it. Anyway, here's how it goes: I'm offering 30-minute Creative Consultations for the price of whatever day you actually DO the consultation. A 30-minute consult is normally $75. Today is the 19th. If you sign up and do the consult TODAY, you pay $19. If you sign up to do it tomorrow, you'll pay $20. Sign up to do it on Saturday, pay $21 ... on and on through the 31st.

If you're really serious about getting your project done, then I can help you. Do you want help? Do you wanna see your words in print and share them with the world? This kind of offer probably won't happen again anytime soon (and I've never done it before), so now is the time to take me up on it. After the 31st, it's over.

Whoever is ready, contact me HERE. ONLY if you're serious, though.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Let's meet
At our spot
The one with our initials
Already carved
Into the Universe's memory

It won't forget
That we belong together
No matter how long
It takes us to arrive

And we'll show up
Fueled with esteem
Complete sentences
Ready to punctuate each other
To clarify that we
Are the appropriate marks
To leave on each others' lives

Just the right emphasis
That our hearts need
To sing in eclectic keys
Notes that only we'll be able to hit
Belt the words to our song
In a language we'll create
As our journey unfolds
And we learn our respective
And rhythms
Learn how to hum each other gently
Through the rough days
Back to a peaceful melody
Commemorate the good days
Remix and rewrite them
Into extended versions—
The best versions
Of ourselves—
Playing in the background
Of our union
At all times
So we'll never forget
Who we really are
To remind us that we're
Always more high quality
Than unmastered

So when one of us
Skips a beat
And the other
Botches the bridge
All we'll have to do
Is pause
Tune in to each other
Return to the hook
And let it guide us back
To singing in harmony

So I'll meet you there
No directions needed
The Universe is our DJ
And will lead us
To our sacred space
In the middle
Of the dance floor
Right on cue

©2017 Charlene E. Green
from my book You Betta Write!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


People always assume that because of my profession, I graduated from a university. They never ask if I did; they ask where I went. When I tell them I didn't, they're baffled. But how 'bout this: I almost didn't graduate from high school. I had a very big F in a required science class less than 30 days before graduation. And I failed the final. And I still graduated.

I don't use social media to share my most difficult, life-changing stories. They're in my poetry, self-help books, and occasionally my blogs. This graduation story is in my book Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges, along with other great ones, like when I was nearly paralyzed and how a crucial shift in my belief system and attitude transformed my situation at the last minute and kept me from being wheelchair bound. Or how, 5 years later, to avoid being served eviction papers, I had to literally pack up and clear out my entire apartment alone in under 72hrs, and I had the physical strength and ability to do it. Or how I almost missed out on a major career opportunity because I was considering making a move based on the pressures and fears of my friends and family and not my gut. Thank goodness I honored my spirit!

These are the kinds of things I talk about in my writings. While I'm going through stuff, I say very little, if anything at all, about it publicly. But when I'm on the other side of it and have been victorious, I tell my stories. I use them to encourage people. I invite you to get this book (link with more info below). Get it for yourself; get it for people you care about, who are struggling with hope and victory. Come see how I use faith and determination to win in my life, and lemme show you some ways to do the same in yours.

Monday, November 7, 2016


Here's how you can get my poetry CD, She Is Poetry: Use this link She Is Poetry CD to pay $10, and you'll receive the download link via email (no physical copies at this time). SO simple! Don't have Paypal? No worries! Just choose the option to pay without Paypal!

Here's some of what has been said about it:

"I am enchanted with this poetry CD! This is my first thorough introduction to Charlene Hustle Diva Green and I am in love with her narrative approach to poetry. This collection of poems is spun with intriguing everyday stories that will resonate with the listener like a family painting, familiar and warm. People with a performance poetry ear will enjoy this body of metaphors." ~Nikki Skies—Author, Poet, Actress, Playwright

"I enjoyed the full-bodied work with its melodic comfort, a swig of funk, with a small touch of futuristic aromas. 'Confidence Within' is calm and collected, which was one of my favorite tracks!" ~Shay Ensley—Author, Artist, Entrepreneur

"Hustle Diva speaks with authority. She has a special way of encouraging and nurturing through her poetry, all the while being transparent about her own life lessons." ~Audra Bryant—Actress, Comedienne, Singer/Songwriter 

"I really enjoyed it very much. Your CD reeks 'confidence' and very much a woman who knows what she wants, what she is, and who she is. Happy I purchased. From one poet to another, keep up the good work in spreading the 'word.'" ~Quanda R. Graves—Author, Poet, Entrepreneur

*Includes my signature poem, "Misinformed (If the Shoe Fits)," which you can sample here, if you haven't heard it:

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hey, everyone! I hope you're all doing well and that your holiday season is starting out right! 
Speaking of holidays ... it's that time of year again. The shopping season is among us, and as many of you know, I have plenty of ways for you to gift people. One of my main products right now is my new line of T-shirts. They're fun, inspirational, and unique. There are two sections: Empowerment Quotes and Haiku. I invite you to peruse the options, and if you haven't already purchased one for yourself, I encourage you to do that, as well as grab something for a friend or loved one. Now is the perfect time to order, as shipping times will increase significantly the closer we get to Christmas. 

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Enjoy your season, everyone! And thank you, in advance, for your support! 


Your innocent words press heavily
Upon the nerve you hit

The sting of the truth you are unaware
That you have thrown in my face 
Cuts me deep—
But what can I say? 
The truth is the truth....

Funny how a moment of idle chatter and fun
Can suddenly turn into a life-altering epiphany
For one who has so many lessons to learn
Old habits to break
And inner work to tend to

Distracted and disturbed by the sound
Of your voice ringing in my head
Waking me to the error of my ways
Yet shaming me of them, too
Makes my heart feel weighted
Leaves my eyes blurred with tears
But makes me glad you said so
Cuz the bitter dose of reality you fed me
Clearly my life must have sought

Because pressing at the forefront of my brain
Were those same mashed thoughts—
I held them of myself—
But I just said they were mashed—
By excuses, by fear
By a million erroneous beliefs 
That make my head spin
Make me dizzy
Make me damn near insane
And in the end
Debilitate and paralyze me...
I can barely move

It’s hard to breathe when your mind
Is enslaved by the devil’s voice
And your hip is numb and sunken into
The permanent concave imprint
Left in the middle of the bed
Where you lie...
Spiritually dead
Not even enough hope 
To fit underneath a fingernail

Such a small word
With even bigger meaning
And sometimes I have none

Right now
I can clearly see
The value you will have in my life
Because true friends speak the truths we hide
And force us to grow
And be better
And better I will be 
Because of you

©2005 Charlene E. Green
From Me to You ... Through Mine Eyes: Visual Expressions

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Yesterday, my friend Korlah Camille Kafele posted this status on Facebook:

Get those engines checked when the light comes on...
Don't procrastinate that tune-up on that truck...
Keep oil in your car and air in your tires...
We need you to make it home...

It inspired this poem. Thank you, Korlah.

Black men
We need you

We need you to make it

We need you to make it
Through these unpromised days
With ease
Smiles on your faces
Goals on your minds
Plans for achievement
In the forefront
Your mental strong
Your will impenetrable
Pushing you to see the light
Be the light
At the end of a tunnel
Filled with

Treacherous heat
In your face
On your back

And I don’t mean the sun

You already know
This kind
Far too well

That Blue Heat
To replenish
And comfort
Your black skin

The only warmth
You'll ever get
From this heat
Is that
Of your freshly drained blood
As it rivers
From bullet wounds
From your pounds
Of innocent flesh
Like tears
Pools remorsefully
Around your
And soaks up your soul

This is
A sob story
A black
And red story
About how
Every day
No matter how well
You protect yourself
Your armor
Is moot
Whenever you make a move
Outside your four walls
It’s clear
That the game
Is rigged
The rules are skewed
You have no control
Over your opponent
Or your life
And it’s never really
Your move
Yet it seems like

We will
Say its name
Like it keeps forcing us
To say the names
Of all your fallen brothers
We will
Hold it accountable
Shelter you from its wrath
The best we can
And never cease attempting
To extinguish
Its blaze

Blue Heat
Blue Heat
Blue Heat

Black men
We need you

We need you to make it

We need you to make it
From these dubious days
Off the game board
And into our arms

Without getting burned

©2016 Charlene E. Green

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Okay, everyone. We really need to talk about IT'S and ITS. *sigh* This error makes me cringe every time I see it. Please learn the difference between the two words, because they are totally  different. That apostrophe changes the whole game, and it will ruin yours  if you're not using it properly. So, let's review:

IT'S is strictly a contraction for "it is" and "it has." That is all. If you write "it's," you better be saying something in the realm of: It's [It has] been a great day, or It's [It is] gonna rain. That's the extent of "it's," people.

ITS is purely a possessive form of the pronoun "it." There is no apostrophe when indicating possession. When you write "its," you better be saying something in the realm of: The dog keeps chasing its tail. [The tail belongs to the dog.] or The jury has reached its decision. [The decision belongs to the jury, collectively.]

Please, for the love of life, stop writing things like: The sun has lost IT'S glare. What you just said was a contracted form of: The sun has lost it is glare, or The sun has lost it has glare. Or: The dog keeps chasing IT'S tail. (You just said The dog keeps chasing it is [or it has] tail.) The proper word is ITS. Any time you wanna indicate that something belongs to something or someone, using the word IT, you need to say ITS.

And if I see one more meme with incorrect it's and its, I'm gonna scream! I can't take you seriously when you post memes with sayings like: "Everything happens in IT'S own time." Nope, I can't!

Holla at me for those editing and proofreading services that you clearly need if you're making this mistake.

Now, IT'S time for me to carry on. This post has reached ITS informational limit.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Today, I did an awesome Creative Consultation with a woman who has a great project in the making, who was concerned that it had no value for anyone but herself. It has SO much value for others! I'm excited for her to finish it and get it out there! She left feeling totally relieved, excited, and fulfilled, and told me the consult was well worth the money.

I LOVE doing Creative Consultations! They're actually my favorite part of my literary services. I love talking to people about their projects and not only teaching them the ins and outs of putting together a good book, but also brainstorming with them, helping them work through kinks, and getting/keeping things moving so they can get their work published. I could do CCs all day, every day, and never get bored!

If you're working on a literary project or contemplating doing so, and you're stuck about how to move forward, then get with me and let's make that thang happen!