Sunday, December 8, 2013


Release yourself
give me so much that
you borrow snippets
from my storeroom
to revisit your memories

let me be your bookcase
assemble your biography
among my shelves
in no particular page order
I will arrange them
to suit the way
I wanna read you each day

favorite chapters first
details embedded within me
so well that on your worst days
I can be the mirror
of your experiences
reflect back to you
the best parts of your happy
take your focus off
the trauma on page 32
devastation, 76
betrayal, 210

no worries
as specialist
of your words
I know which to extract
and with them
I will feed you back
to mental nourishment
scatter the healthiest
phrases across your tongue
tell you
let them marinate
inject your buds
with the savory taste
of every smile
and felicitous moment
that has ever been yours

now swallow
let their
medicinal properties
flush out the virus
that contains your skeleton truths
allow me to wipe up the remnants
you are not contagious
I’m not afraid of the hideous
that may seep from your soul
the parts you
try to edit out
fearing my rejection

I will always offer
the best critique of you

insert my rave review at the end
addendum to everything you deem
unworthy of public knowledge

I’ll revise your chronicle
capitalize on all of its splendor
publish a second edition
then release you back to yourself
so you can relive your saga
thru my narrative
seize its merit
give it five stars
and claim yourself bestseller
like I do

Copyright 2012 Charlene E. Green