Friday, May 19, 2017


I was reminiscing about how much fun it was to write my two novels, One Man's Treasure & And They'll Come Home (the latter was the most fun I've EVER had writing, by the way). I enjoyed the writing process for all of my books, but the novels were SO FUN!! I was thoroughly entertained by the memories, and then I thought, "Man! Everyone who wants to write a book should experience this!" And then I thought about all of YOU out there who WANT to do it but are on the fence, for whatever reason, or you've started it and are stuck, and how unfortunate that is, because when you publish a book, no matter what kind ... it just changes you, spiritually. And when people enjoy and leave great reviews about that book, or those books, you go deeper into that place (NOT the "sunken place" either!); you feel so amazing!

Then I had an inspired-thought moment about how I could spur all of you on—those of you who need to get off the fence and WRITE THAT BOOK. And it came to me. So this is what I'm gonna do. Y'all ready?

For the rest of this month, I'm gonna have a Creative Consultation Special called "May I Help You Write Your Book?" Get it? Cuz it's May, and ... yeah ... you get it. Anyway, here's how it goes: I'm offering 30-minute Creative Consultations for the price of whatever day you actually DO the consultation. A 30-minute consult is normally $75. Today is the 19th. If you sign up and do the consult TODAY, you pay $19. If you sign up to do it tomorrow, you'll pay $20. Sign up to do it on Saturday, pay $21 ... on and on through the 31st.

If you're really serious about getting your project done, then I can help you. Do you want help? Do you wanna see your words in print and share them with the world? This kind of offer probably won't happen again anytime soon (and I've never done it before), so now is the time to take me up on it. After the 31st, it's over.

Whoever is ready, contact me HERE. ONLY if you're serious, though.