Monday, February 13, 2017


Let's meet
At our spot
The one with our initials
Already carved
Into the Universe's memory

It won't forget
That we belong together
No matter how long
It takes us to arrive

And we'll show up
Fueled with esteem
Complete sentences
Ready to punctuate each other
To clarify that we
Are the appropriate marks
To leave on each others' lives

Just the right emphasis
That our hearts need
To sing in eclectic keys
Notes that only we'll be able to hit
Belt the words to our song
In a language we'll create
As our journey unfolds
And we learn our respective
And rhythms
Learn how to hum each other gently
Through the rough days
Back to a peaceful melody
Commemorate the good days
Remix and rewrite them
Into extended versions—
The best versions
Of ourselves—
Playing in the background
Of our union
At all times
So we'll never forget
Who we really are
To remind us that we're
Always more high quality
Than unmastered

So when one of us
Skips a beat
And the other
Botches the bridge
All we'll have to do
Is pause
Tune in to each other
Return to the hook
And let it guide us back
To singing in harmony

So I'll meet you there
No directions needed
The Universe is our DJ
And will lead us
To our sacred space
In the middle
Of the dance floor
Right on cue

©2017 Charlene E. Green
from my book You Betta Write!