Friday, July 27, 2018


That one time
he stood you up
missed your birthday
ignored your feelings
criticized your hair
your friends
your goals
your body

That one time
he didn't support
your dreams

That one time
he called you dumb

That one time
he said
you'd never accomplish it
without him

That one time
he said
you'd never be shit
without him

That one time
he said
you were lucky
he wanted you
cuz no other man

That one time
he said
she was nobody
meant nothin'

That one time
he declared
with concert-level bass
in his tone
you couldn't go
couldn't wear that
couldn't be that
better not
do that

That one time
he promised
you'd regret it
if you did

That one time
he purposely punched
the door
the wall
the window
but unintentionally
punched you

That one time
he said
you made him do it

That one time
he forced himself on you
in you
when he was drunk
while you said
the whole time
but since he was your man
you hesitated
to call it rape

That one time
he took the rubber off
without your permission

That one time
he sent you
to the clinic
to "get it taken care of"

That one time
you were sick
and he was a ghost

That one time
he threatened bodily harm
to you
or him
if you left

That one time
you deemed it unwise
to test him
so you stayed

That one time
he affirmed
you were a bitch
a nag
a problem
a disorderly mouth
a blasphemous tongue
an answered prayer
turned calamity
an unforgivable
act of God

That one time
you realized
your calculations
were way off—
it was never just
one time

That one day
you conceded that
like your blood pressure
the numbers were far too high

That one moment
you stopped
counting his infractions
added up your worth
divided yourself
from your fears
multiplied your faith
and subtracted him
from your life

©2018 Charlene E. Green
You Betta WRITE!