Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Take time out today and every day for some healthy "spiritual snacks." You owe it to yourself! Charlene E. Green has finally compiled her array of short but potent bits of wisdom that are sure to help keep you grounded emotionally and fueled with the inspiration needed to face and hurdle life's daily challenges. Snack on them lightly, or just go ahead and consume gluttonously! You can never overindulge in positivity! And from every page that's exactly what you'll be fed. But FYI: Sharing is suggested.


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By the way ... LOVED Wisdom Nuggets! So much to talk about. Going to read again and again. ~Jacqueline Lee

Received my copy of Wisdom Nuggets and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Really, everyone needs a copy of this. ~Kay Mainaga

Charlene, Tamika gave me a copy of your book Wisdom Nuggets and it is great!!! I brought it to work and shared it with my co-worker and he loved it!! Just wanted to let you know I have some of your sayings on my wall by my desk at work. ~Jacqueline Lacy

I totally enjoyed Wisdom Nuggets. I will carry some of your advise with me from day to day. Keep up the good work. ~L. Jackson

OMGEEE!!! You're my SHERO!!!! I pulled Wisdom Nuggets out last night and got to highlighting!!! I now carry it w/me EVERYWHERE I go to have consistent, in-reach guidance/encouragement/motivation. I'm using it as a resource daily! ~Tamika Byrd

Wisdom Nuggets is absolutely awesome. I find myself sitting in awe a lot of the time after reading a section because it just hits so hard into my life. Thank you for putting the book together and making it such an inspirational tool for people ... men and women. ~Lenora Snyder

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The day will come when I'll be able
to wrap myself around you so often
that I'll be like your second skin.

Feel free to use me as backup
if you're ever uncomfortable in your own.

I'll be the sheath you wear
to heal your wounds
my warmth will melt
tension from your nerves
protect your inner beauty
from the coldness of life
you need this kinda love.

My hold on you
will be gentle 
supple only to your touch
but let 'em try to test you
attempt to break through me
to shred your spirit
earthquake your manhood
separate you
from the knowledge of your worth
and I'll grow defensive
harden like tortoise shell
tighten my grip
be as thick as skin comes
chameleon you
so they can't see you
matrix through their war zone
I'm every texture there is
for every battle in your path
tell me which one you need
customize me for your exterior:
sandpaper coarse
to smooth their disrespectful tones
gravel jagged
to trip 'em up
when they try to walk all over you
leather tough
so their knives can't pierce
your back when they stab you in it
rose-thorn sharp
to bleed 'em of their gall.

No matter how many
got you hemmed up
I got you surrounded
I'm like a bubble umbrella
when they try to rain on your glory
my barrier is wide
too expansive for their tricks
go 'head and Two-Step through that storm
show 'em how you move
when I'm on
smile cuz you know
I change with the conditions
see 'em before they hit
stay resilient through 'em all.

So save your strength
use it to focus on
manifesting your greatness
I have enough brawn
for both of us
enough warrior in my cells
to repel the offenders.

I got you covered
all your parts
permission granted
to wear me
however you need
to conquer your journey.

©2013 Charlene E. Green
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Monday, October 28, 2013


I cannot WAIT to see The Best Man Holiday because ...

In 1999, when The Best Man came out, I had just started writing my first huge literary endeavor, a movie script called Love's Train. It was during the writing of that project that I knew my life's mission was to be a writer. But FIRST, I had to finish the script. The night I went to see The Best Man, I remember thinking it was such a great movie with sharp, witty dialogue and well-rounded characters, so much so that my spirit deflated with each passing scene. I kept thinking, "What am I DOING trying to write a movie script?! I can't write stuff like THIS! I'm not good enough. Eff it. I'm not gonna finish it." I went home feeling like crap, and I promptly "ended" that project. I moped, chastised myself for not having the skills to write brilliantly, and beat myself down mentally for being "less than" in so many ways. But when your calling is awakened, no amount of self-slander will keep you from doing it, no matter how hard you try to walk away.

Three weeks later, after the agony of NOT working on my script had kicked my ass, I reluctantly got up, dusted myself off emotionally, and decided to take another stab at it, though I couldn't imagine what kind of greatness I was gonna come up with. So I got back on it, deflated and all. I dug deep into my life to pull out what I wanted to be a great story. As I wrote, and very well, I might add, I felt it ... that indescribable surge of "this-is-IT," and all of a sudden my world changed. I knew as I typed those scenes that writing, the thing I had been doing all my life, was what I was born to do professionally. It was the most gorgeous a-ha moment I've ever experienced. One month later, I finished Love's Train, and I was DAMN proud of myself and the script! I felt like I had actually done what Malcolm D. Lee did in The Best Man, but in my own way, one that was just as good as his.

That script is what started my journey, the thing that made me pursue moving to L.A. I shared it with my friends and family, shopped it to production companies, and once I was in L.A., I almost had a couple of deals. Even though they fell through, it was okay because by then, I had already written my first novel, ONE MAN'S TREASURE, and I knew after THAT masterpiece that there would be no more self-denigration or questioning of my mission. I still intend to make that movie. When the time is right, it'll all fall into place. In the meantime, I'm grateful for being in that theater in October of '99, because I was challenged to step up my game before I was barely out the gate. And I truly did. I'll be front & center at The Best Man Holiday, with a completely different mindset, and much appreciation for having the opportunity to witness a second go-'round of the movie and characters that ALMOST made me quit my most important career-building project.
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Friday, October 25, 2013


My self-transformation poetry is meant to shake you up, make you look at your life honestly, make you face yourself ... and wanna strive to be better. It's also meant to do the same for ME. I may write like I'm only talking to YOU, but when I pen these poems, the messages are just as much for me to heed. I have to do my own work every day on my life, too. This is no holier-than-thou mission I'm on. It's me and all of you, working together to change for the best.

In December 2010, I was suffering badly, emotionally. It was to the point where I felt I was drowning in my own misery. I hated the feeling, and I wanted an out. I knew a woman (still know her) who was also struggling. She owned a cafe I visited frequently. We would have long talks, and she would often tell me about the deep issues she was dealing with and I would offer encouragement. I decided to get out of myself and go down to her store to check on her to take my mind off my problem. When I arrived and asked how she was, she told me that she wanted to kill herself the night before. Not only that, but she said she saw herself doing it and felt GOOD about it. This stunned me at my core. I was actually speechless. I had heard [of] people saying they wanted to kill themselves, but no one had ever said it to ME, and I had NEVER heard anyone say they saw the action and felt good about it. I was truly shaken on a level I had never been. Fortunately, she moved past that moment and came to work that day, though I apologize that I can't remember what she said made her decide to stay alive. What I do know is this: Her comment disturbed me so deeply that when I left 2 hours later, my soul ached for her and everyone who's ever felt like her. That conversation made me reassess my own life and problems and how I was handling them. I had been in distress, but [that time] I didn't wanna kill myself, and I felt fortunate. But I suddenly realized how important it is for us to put our own suffering aside, come out of our shell, and embrace other people. You never know where they are in THEIR suffering, and hearing their story may change the way you view YOURS.

Later that night, as I was still flooded with angst about her, and about my own issues, I got angry about how we sometimes treat ourselves, the ways we don't protect ourselves, the situations we allow ourselves to be in because we haven't learned to love ourselves enough to steer clear of them. And then "Zookeeper" spilled out of me with fervor. In this poem, I was talking to her, myself, and everyone else out there who has ever carried burdens so heavy that they feel they're gonna break at any moment, but because of their lack of self-esteem, and often the heaviness of whatever mental health issue they may be struggling with, they sometimes can't push themselves to fight for their happiness. 

I still revisit this poem regularly, to check in with myself, to make sure I'm fighting. Cuz sometimes ... that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel just doesn't seem to be there. The darkness feels like a ruthless, weighted pillow suffocating my soul. I, too, have experienced that awful feeling of there not being any hope of getting to "the light"—of not even believing that it existed—and consequently, I've felt hopeless to go on. Thank goodness I pushed through those times.

Please listen to the poem, and then please share this post with others who are suffering. This self-work is serious. It's necessary. People need it. And I wanna encourage as many as I can to dive in and swim to the light.

Click link to listen.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hello, everyone! It's been a while since my last post, but I've been busy creating, as usual! The highlight of my career right now is the launching of my new tour campaign, The Human Revolution Project.

Since 2010, I've known that I would eventually take my poetry on the road, but it wasn't until the end of that year that the idea for the theme of the tour came to me. I was scheduled to be a featured poet at a big event, and I was allotted a 30-minute set, which was the longest I had been offered at that time. As I was putting my set list together, I noticed an important theme among the poems I had chosen: self-esteem, self-reflection, self-improvement. In my thinking regularly about touring, the question was always what kind of tour it would be. I knew I needed it to have structure and deliver a truly valuable experience and message for my audience; I didn't just wanna bounce from place to place doing poetry randomly, simply because I could. As I looked at my set list, it dawned on me that the structure for my impending tour had developed all on its own. I had come into a full mission in spoken word that I hadn't planned on, and now it was perfect for what I intended to accomplish in the way of using my words to help people grow.

Once the idea took form, my goal was then to expand on it and really make it something marketable. Since that time, I've added many more self-transformation-themed poems to the pot, and with countless hours of their rehearsal, presenting them at open mics weekly, showcasing them at events monthly, and getting constant positive feedback on their subject matter and how they move the listeners, I know it's time to get out there and do my work on the largest, most profound level possible. Won't you help me make that happen?

Below is the link to my campaign, which contains more details about the tour, samples of some of the poems I'll be featuring, and the many ways you can contribute. Thank you in advance for your support! Please also share this post and/or the campaign link with your networks. I'll see YOU in YOUR state, soon!


Sunday, October 20, 2013


It’s more than
“Are you okay?”
“Do you need anything?”
“I’m here if you need to talk.”

Sometimes Compassion’s face looks distorted
Like it’s on backwards
Sometimes it’s dressed like a rebel
Looks a bit roughneck
Hard on the eyes
Doesn’t match up to its
Common dictionary definition
Deep awareness of the suffering of another
Coupled with the wish to relieve it

Sometimes Compassion
Is tight-lipped
Uncomfortable silence
Unreturned calls
And cancelled plans
Doesn’t behave
The way we think it should
Acts coldhearted
Throws you
A daggered glare
Instead of an answer
Keeps its distance
In the face of incompatibility
Walks out mid-argument
A volcano erupting
In its throat
Doesn’t return till
The ashes have cooled
And you call it selfish
Say it was rude
Not to stay and listen
Unaware of the mercy
Your own ears were delivered
The care with which
Your feelings were handled
The suffering
You were spared
It was in your corner
Working on your behalf

This kind of Compassion
Is that horse pill
You need to take
But loathe swallowing
Does more good than harm
Saves your ego
A bull-fight trampling
Keeps your heart
From becoming a wrecking ball
Demolishing your chest cavity
Collapsing your lungs
Bursting the pipes in your eyes
Everything Compassion does
That you hate
Protects you from
Everything you can’t handle
Don’t want
Didn’t even know
Was coming your way
Combat your soul wouldn’t survive

This Compassion
Doesn’t always come bearing
The gift of sweet words
Wrapped in humble apologies
It comes bearing the bare minimum
To make it through
Make it right
Keep it clean

Keep it safe

It isn’t always prepared for confrontation
It needs time and space
To assess
Decide how to come correct

Whether to come back at all

Compassion’s alternate tune
Is unfamiliar
It plays the B-side
Not the hit single we love
But the one we don’t wanna hear
The side that skips
The beat of pretty
Doesn't make us dance
The one we tune out
Turn off

The unsung hero

Copyright 2013
Charlene E. Green
From my book My Sentiments Exactly
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