Thursday, March 31, 2016


Broken women
never let being disassembled
stop them 
from superheroing

They know the value
of their severed parts
keep them swept in a neat pile
within reach at all times
aware that their thorny jagged
is the ammunition required
to slash barriers
shred red tape
burst bubbles
dismember egos
poke holes in sexist theories
and cut through bullshit
from dawn to dusk

Broken women 
know their crumble is mighty
a potpourri of coveted gems
they know
that even when fragmented
the best parts of them—
the most craved
the most essential—
are alive and energized
can still be spotted
amid the debris
and extracted bit by bit
to self-medicate and reboot
then gathered purposefully onto their fingertips
and disbursed evenly
among the deserving
fed to the needy
used to mend hearts
repress wild temperaments
sedate lives
and butcher the path
of every rogue
attempting to thieve the peace
of those they love

Broken women
don't quell their ascent
delay their shine
hinder their grind
or stifle their smiles
cuz of a little 

They have no shame
in their altered state
cuz they know triumph
resides there
and they will forage 
the wreckage in their souls 
to showcase it
to teach those who haven’t figured out
how to be successful
at surmounting this life
while using the pieces
of their frayed spirits
as weapons
and moxie
on the way to the top

You ain't heard ... ?
is how they repair themselves
is how they stunt
smoothing the trail for others
in spite of their mangle
is the secret to their glow
is just another word
for immortal
strength training
at its best
a temporary obstacle course 
they make their bitch

a setup
for the greatest wizardry
you'll ever see 

Copyright 2016
Charlene E. Green