Sunday, December 2, 2018


There's a vexed boy
Living in his grown-man torso
Who poisons his mind
With perceptions
That have blinded him
To the greatness
He was born with

The boy was there first
Feeding on hazardous
Outside commentary
Filling him with unrest
Stunting his spiritual growth
Leaving him confused
Stumbling around
In the hollow he has formed
In the man's heart
Breaking pieces of him
Every time he falls
Feeling cheated
Out of happiness
No one told him
He could have

Soul on fire
He's indignant
And refuses
To pack up his pain
And move out

Cuz how does a blind boy
Navigate the world that maimed him
Without a guide?

The man needs free reign
To find peace
Use his adult eyes
To see his value
But the boy
Desperately claws at them
Scratching distortion into his vision
Intending to fully blind him
To his worth
So he'll be too crippled
To carry on without him
And find contentment

They brawl every day
The man not realizing
His size and power
Over his vindictive kin
Who can't see
The truth about him
But he still has
Enough sight left
To detect it

The boy was there first
But the man
Deserving of serenity
Pursuing healing and wholeness
Moved in years ago
And there's only room
For one of them
In his body

©2018 Charlene E. Green
from my upcoming book You Betta WRITE!