Tuesday, October 2, 2018


will not save you
from the fate
of your last breath

Your wings
are date-stamped
the worst day
of the saddest month
in the year of inconvenience
for people who love you

And on that day
and those that follow
you'll have plans

You'll carry on
as if your plans are solid
as if when you made them
you had no doubt
that you'd be here for them
for those involved
for the experience of it all
for the storytelling after

But when your wings arrive
on schedule
the story will change
and no one will truly be ready
for the alternate version
even if they planned
or wanted to

You may never be
in charge of
or prepared for
your destined wings
but you can regulate
your soar through this world

You can embrace

You can pursue

You can choose
your best life
even when it's hard
even when it feels unfair
especially when it's messy—
because if you can master
finding the message
in each mess
and share your discoveries
along the way
you'll inspire
people around you
to choose life, too
possibly at a time
when they're tired
of trying
of hurting
of being
at a time when
they're considering
making their own wings
and taking an earlier flight

And what better way
to be armed for your departure
than to ensure that you
have secured your spirit
and helped others equip theirs
for a peaceful trip home?

©2018 Charlene E. Green
You Betta WRITE!