Tuesday, July 15, 2014

YOU Again?

If entrepreneurs of any kind are not the McDonald's or Starbucks of their industry (not a household name and/or folks aren't tripping over themselves to support their biz), and they actually care about growing and exposing their brand so they can reach that status, then it's their job, literally, to promote themselves regularly, daily, if possible. Biz promotion comes with the territory, and unless their biz is more of a hobby than something they plan on making a living at, then they would be wise to promote often, regardless of what people think of their "constant posting about their stuff."
If you're not a biz owner, artist, etc., and you work for other people, you may not understand the importance of our mass emails, daily social-media posting, inboxing for support, crowdfunding campaigns, hourly Tweets, on and on. You may find us annoying. In your eyes, we may be seen as "always asking for something." Um, yeah, we are asking, cuz it's our job, since this is our life's work, not some silly pastime or a phase that'll soon play itself out. When you go to work for someone else, you're generally out of touch with the reality of what it takes for your boss to keep his/her biz running so you can get paid. We, on the other hand, are our own bosses, and we know all too well what goes into rounding up clientele and sales. It's not always easy or fun, but it has to be done if we wanna thrive in our careers.
Social media is "the way" these days to get the word out about a biz or product, so for all of you who don't have one or both of those, I invite you to remember that when you see our flurry of posts about our nine products and services, we're doing [a major part of] what we're supposed to do to succeed. It takes time, thought, and innovation to come up with fresh ways to catch the public's attention every day. Posting the same spiel can be a turnoff, so some kind of creativity with our advertising is necessary. That's a job in itself, people, a challenging one sometimes. Closed mouths don't get fed, and we gotta eat, just like you.

©2014 Charlene E. Green

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Staying ready for the opportunities you desire, even when it looks like nothing is happening, sends a message of anticipation and seriousness to the universe, which is the prerequisite for the opening of doors. You don't get ready when folks come knocking; you prep daily so when they do knock, you can calmly answer with all your ducks in a row. Don't be fooled by the silence ... it's only a test. Are you  prepping among the quiet of your dreams' unfolding? If you're not, and you're sitting around whining, waiting idly, and being mad about others getting theirs, then you're not serious. Can the silence be frustrating? Sure. But will it keep you from moving forward? You decide ...

Ever since my book deal with Kensington Publishing, for my novel One Man's Treasure, snuck up on me back in 2008, and I was ready, cuz I anticipated it, I got to see first hand how fly it is to keep pushing through the silence, even when you have no clue when your dream(s) will be realized. When my agent called me in December 2007 with the news of possibly being picked up, she asked me if I could get my manuscript to her in two days. I had that mug in her inbox that same day, thankyouverymuch. I was so grateful that I had enough faith in my dream to stay ready, and it was then that I vowed to continue along that path, in whatever new endeavors I took on. 

No matter what the situation looks like or how challenging it is to muddle through the unknown, I prep every day for my dreams in some way, even if it's just making a small change to my web site or spending time thinking about what to write next. There's not a day that goes by that my brain and body aren't in mission mode. I know how this works. And I refuse to get caught with the deer-in-headlights look on my face when opportunities show up. If I've got my eye on it, I'm working on it.

And by the way, they offered me a 2-book deal, and I was ready for the second book cuz I was only 4 chapters away from finishing the sequel to One Man's Treasure, And They'll Come Home. HA!

Good day, Dreamers!

©2014 Charlene E. Green

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I wish this could be as simple
as broken rules

the street lights are on
and you’re late

git’cho butt inside
it’s dinnertime
come clean up this room
finish that homework

as easy-peasy as fed-up mamas
snatchin’ back curtains
throwin’ windows open
hands on hips
peerin’ down the block
to growl your name and shout:
“I’m not gon’ tell you again!”
while you whiz by on your bike
plead for just five more minutes
and she smiles
shakes her head
remembers her youth
her pleads
her eyes soften
and she lets you ride

would do anything
for it to be as “uh-oh”
as fire-breathin’ daddies
sportin’ shiny brass knuckles
waitin’ impatiently at front doors
for never-be-good-enough boys
to bring you home from first dates
that their mouths blessed
cuz you begged
but their hearts didn’t

would much rather this be about
200+ mischievous girls
quietly convergin’
and sneakin’ off
on a secret forbidden journey
fingers strung together
like paper-doll chain
squelchin’ the high-pitched giggles
ticklin’ their ribs
runnin’ free
wind coolin’ their backs
sun meltin’ the cares in their hearts
trekkin’ with no fears
gon’ be right back
gon’ be all right
cuz they got each other

but these wishes are in vain

the street lights have been on for months
and still
none of you are where you’re supposed to be

cuz you were force-fed this broken curfew
into the Sambisa
into marital slavery
and you’ve been gagging
on the bane the forest’s bowels
on coerced $12.00 vows
trying to unbind the silence in your throats
to find enough voice to scream for help
for directions to lead you home
from the detour of Haram

the government’s search has ebbed
and we will not rely on them
to continue to care enough to find you

their time may have been cut
but these clocks in our hearts
will remain ticking
are your spiritual search party

at night
in our uneasy sleep
our snores
are surveillance helicopters
fueled by the inferno in our blood
that keeps our tanks from running dry
our rapid-eye movements are searchlights
in the murk of our dreams
powered by determination
to illuminate your path
show you the way to freedom
and they will never burn out

no matter how long the nights
how hard the days
piece by piece
we will link the jigsaw of you
back together
rip you from the filthy grips
of the insurgents that body-snatched you
from your rights
from your school
from your learning
from your homes

and we will annul you from your captors
interlock your fingers
to remind you of oneness
of sisterhood
of love
of safety
of strength in cultural numbers
and lead you to your dwellings
where the street lights will beam
and mamas and daddies will be waitin’
impatiently at front doors
to envelop you
inhale your scent
stroke trust into your faces
nurse your spirits back to certainty
revel in your touch
tribal dance in your smiles

to exhale

to live again

©2014 Charlene E. Green
To listen to audio of "Curfew: For Our Nigerian Girls," click here