Monday, February 24, 2014

Sonnet #21 for February


I love the way you take over my dreams
In them you say all things I want to hear
My sleep goes to ’nother level, it seems
When you step on scene, nightmares disappear

We are a fairytale inside my head
All laughter, love and hugs, words candy sweet
No toss ’n’ turning, contentment instead
Cold nights don’t matter cuz you bring the heat

This kind of head trip I want on replay
Let’s get syndication crackin’ post haste
Energized when I rise to start my day
Time away from you while ’wake hate to waste

Countdown to bedtime, I anticipate
Affair in Dreamland sure to titillate

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sonnet #20 for February


Great way to love self is stay true to word
Always attempt to see commitments kept
Self-esteem lowers when tasks are deferred
Don’t conjure up excuses to accept

Empowerment ensues when you exert
Effort to tackle all matters at hand
Never let ego cause you to divert
Push past its mind games; show you’re in command

Life can be challenging, sometimes you’ll find
May not be able to get it all done
No need to feel defeat, kindly remind
You did the best you could do, so you won

Solid impression of self is top goal
Build it through taking good care of your soul

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sonnet #19 for February


You have a bad habit of coming in
And ripping apart lives of those in sight
Dealing with you it seems no one can win
They run opposite direction in fright

Maybe it’s due to your abusive past
Traits picked up from those in charge of rearing
Foster system where so many amassed
Lack of care left you in state of fearing

Now only side you can show is the worst
Cuz no one capitalized on your best
Undivided attention is main thirst
Hoping it will cure your soul’s deep unrest

Somewhere within lies a trapped heart of gold
To invite love into life you must mold

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sonnet #18 for February


She sings like butterfly, solely self-taught
Bring you to tears, captivate with rare voice
Since baby, belting out tunes she was caught
All who listen overcome with rejoice

Even with all due praise she did receive
Parents failed to encourage singing dream
Industry will corrupt her, they believe
Pushed hard to come up with new career scheme

Aiming to please those who gave her this life
She strayed from chosen route burning in heart
Only to find spirit teeming with strife
Since forcing self to divorce from her art

Unable to keep up painful charade
Remarried true path for which she was made

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sonnet #17 for February


Feeling so fortunate that I’m bestowed
With the senses I sometimes fail to praise
Race through life, time for gratefulness reload
Focus on wonderment, wipe out malaise

Strolling down street get whiff of rosemary
Jasmine creeps in and my nose is enthralled
Poppies in bloom such glamor they carry
My eyes so bedazzled, journey is stalled

Hear birds tweeting such a passionate song
Dogs bark in yards protecting owners’ wealth
Feel comfy shoes support feet through walk long
Sense perception great boost for mental health

So many simple pleasures we ignore
Keep faculties primed for gifts to adore

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sonnet #16 for February


Young teenage couple, what’chu gonna do
With that baby you both swore not to make?
So full of lust, careless, now you two rue
Bun in oven with eight months left to bake

Foolhardy ones, thinking you’d be exempt
From “oops” moment just because of first time
No prophylactic in use to preempt
Sperm and egg, mom and dad fate before prime

This is what happens when guidance is nil
Kids running wild and loose, unschooled, naïve
Urgent facts no one around to instill
Too late now, blemished future left to grieve

Hope that one time was worth all that’s ahead
Good luck with ease keeping child clothed and fed

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sonnet #15 for February


Precious black girls, let’s talk about your hair
How society’s got you steeped in shame
About its texture, length, coil, please beware
Your lack of self-love’s the name of their game

Let’s discuss color of your superb skin
Personalized hue, no clone, it’s unique
Never look upon your shade with chagrin
Pigment you're blessed with is full of mystique

Almost no way to embrace history
With so many countering its allure
Drowned out by schools that keep truth mystery
Beauty's always been your name; this is sure

Seek those who'll help you affirm culture's gift
Walk with head high, rocking perception shift

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green 

Sonnet #14 for February


Precious black boys, teach yourselves how to sew
Learn how to tailor your minds at young age
More crucial for the world's needs than you know
Life without your talents would cause outrage

Though your divine wings are by birthright strong
Rivals' hatred cuts deep; damage is sure
If clipped by their wrath, it won’t be too long
Before your ease of soar is made obscure

Prioritize mission to guard your flight
Master mending skills, keep spirit well placed
Longer you stay wounded makes their days bright
Stitch up quick, hit sky, show splendor with haste

Best recipe for revenge is surprise
On faces when no matter what you rise

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sonnet #13 for February


There’s not enough of me to go around
I was not created to spread self thin
When you get hold of me you’ll see you found
All-in-one package, true treasure within

I’m the missing piece of puzzle you need
To close gap in the space where your heart broke
Nutrient-filled caring is what I’ll feed
Spiritual high it’s sure to evoke

My type of loving is not to be shared
You’ll want to hoard these rare morsels of me
Your needs and my contents perfectly paired
Make you feel so fancy, act bourgeoisie

No need to rush, savor flavor at will
Hunger pangs of soul I completely kill

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sonnet #12 for February


I love the lemonade you make of life’s
Lemons, turning bitter-tasting trials sweet
You acknowledge that you’ll encounter strife
Mentally prepared to endure the heat

Honest with self when frustrations are high
But refuse to drown in pity and woes
Instead push shoulders back, lift head to sky
Pray for some sugar to balance tart blows

Firm faith always on hand to pull you through
Blocking out haters’ negativity
Anticipating peace, victories new
Keep eyes on prize is your proclivity

You’re expert on laws of how to create
Perfect drink to ensure praiseworthy fate

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sonnet #11 for February


You think you know how to walk in my shoes
Better than I do; your judgment is large
Let me crack your face; hear this shocking news
With your weak foundation you can’t take charge

Barely striding smoothly on your own path
But got the nerve to be directing me
I’m attempting not to serve you my wrath
Got me about to shriek like a banshee

I did not ask for your wack conclusions
Approaching like psychic with crystal ball
You need to clear up those grand delusions
Tend to your own unlaced shoes ’fore you fall

Quit making my life your freaking campaign
Or my foot in your ass you will obtain

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sonnet #10 for February


Social media’s the mask of your choice
Thankful you found the perfect hiding place
For brandishing of your inflated voice
Posting pics of fake cheesy grin on face

Non-supportive household shunned you in youth
Treated you like your existence was trite
No surprise you began to act uncouth
Lack of decorum worsening sad plight

Thought you could fool all those who knew you well
Game of Charades an embarrassing joke
You should have known it would be hell to sell
Such a farce of self to discerning folk

Nobody’s buying; deactivate spiel
Take hiatus till you learn to be real 

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green   

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sonnet #9 for February


They formed alliance when they converged hearts
Life’s pokes and jabs would never damage them
Both born into dysfunction off the charts
A pathway these two determined to stem

Odd couple, no doubt; some thought they would fail
Confidence always reigned in their merging
Strong friendship between them, neither would bail
Regardless of people’s frequent urging

Anytime outsiders tried to encroach
And wreck their concrete foundation of love
They had the chutzpah to quickly reproach
Firmly united just like hand in glove

Guarding a relationship takes teamwork
Stay ready for the bond breakers that lurk

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Butterfly Free

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sonnet #8 for February


Sometimes all that’s needed is sunny day
To let soothing rays burn clouds from cold heart
Life’s filled with so much confusion and gray
Steal away moments to garner fresh start

Have you ever dared play hooky on life
Packed mental bags and checked out for a while
Purposely left behind all of your strife
So that fresh perspective you can compile?

Can’t wait for your boss, lover, fam, or friends
To give permission to tend to your needs
Have your back first or control of life ends
Pencil-in putting self first with good deeds

You are in charge of loving yourself best
When you do, for peace you’ll no longer quest

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sonnet #7 for February


Normally I’d say don’t play with my heart
But I’m convinced that you deserve a pass
You came with special tactics from the start
Your type of game is amusement in mass

When you gaze at me in that sexy way
My heart dances to a jovial beat
Comedy you bring tickles it all day
Making my cares finally take back seat

Your hands envelop me and my heart skips
Like a buoyant child on schoolyard playground
Each time you smile it does cartwheels and flips
This frolicsome love is mighty profound

You in my life is like lifelong recess
My ticker’s free of drama and distress

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sonnet #6 for February


Come utilize my eyes as telescope
Revel in this grandiose close-up view
Spectacular scene, my mission’s to rope
You into perceiving yourself anew

Insight informs me that you’ve been misled
By the direction of their detoured thought  
Making you question your breathtaking stead
Time to excavate the folly they taught

Modify lens, aggrandize your luster
Here comes the climactic part of the show
My vantage point be that belief buster
Force you to see what you should long ago

Transform the strength of your vista from here
Delusions about your worth disappear

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sonnet #5 for February


Hand me your stress at the end of the night
Turn to me in place of others around
Let me be haven to your covert plight
Show you just how much you’re truly renowned

Don’t you ever tire of putting on airs?
Faking the funk so you won’t lose your cool?
They couldn’t care less about your affairs
Talk behind your back and call you a fool

What I deliver is true peace of mind
Safe place to examine your heart's decay
Enclosed in my arms where you can unwind
No filter needed for what you display

I’m the vessel for your overflowed cup
Always on post when you need lifting up

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green


Next month will mark 11 years since I moved to L.A. from the Bay Area. When I arrived, I had a movie script, a half-written novel (One Man's Treasure), and the dream to be a successful writer. Yesterday, I published for the 13th time (books). When I look back at this journey, I'm amazed at all I've done and been through to get to this point. I didn't even start publishing until 2007 because I spent the first 4 years here stuck at my 9-5, dying a horrifically slow, painful spiritual death. I chose to resign at the end of 2006 to save my mental and physical health (NO joke), and so I could properly nurture my life's mission as a writer. But between the day I set foot here, and now, I've encountered more challenges than in my entire life. I had two major surgeries 3 years apart, one of them saving me from paralysis; I've lost all my major possessions; been homeless; endured the Universal System of Income (which means getting up every day not knowing when or from where income will appear); and stood up confidently in the face of being ignored and rejected in my career, and people's "encouragement" to get off my path and do something else because [clearly, to them] it wasn't working out. But through all of that, I have always done what I came to L.A. (and into this world) to do: write, create, and make a difference in people's lives while doing so. I can honestly, and proudly, say I've accomplished that feat, with much more to come.

A lot of what I've written over the years has derived from the lessons I've learned in the past decade. My sincere intention is for my words to teach and inspire (even my fictional novels are set up to do that). I invite you all to view and partake in what I've created. Yes, I write because I love it, but I publish for the public. My standards are very high for myself, so when I do, I take great pains to ensure that it's always my best at the time. Not all of my content makes it into the books. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way. You've confirmed that I'm doing my job properly, and well. My appreciation for you runs deep.

What I've learned the most is how serious I am about my craft. Nothing has kept me from it. Nothing. This is what doing a life mission is about. You find ways to keep it pushing, no matter what. I'm thankful for everything I've gone through and learned, because it's only solidified me in my work, not deterred me from it. I couldn't be prouder of myself.

You'll find the links to my work below.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sonnet #4 for February


The only thing that gets him through the day
Is pondering being with them again
The void in his soul tends to always stay
Attached to questions that begin with ‘when’?

Like when will he be able to call home
To hear the details of wife and kids' lives
He makes sure to pack them into his dome
To ward off crazy thoughts till he arrives

And when will wife’s letters finally come
The wait has been so long he wants to scream
As months fly by his heart begins to numb
Her silence is crushing his self-esteem

Trying to stay strong is killing the fight
He’d planned to use to serve his country right

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sonnet #3 for February


You’re cool to be with but my bestie is
Someone I know I cannot live without
Whenever needed, she’s there in a whiz
My number one fan that I'm proud to tout

There was a time when I did not know her
Like I do now because I would only
Rely on others by thinking they were
The best cure for moments I was lonely

Soon our lives changed and they were not around
And I noticed she was still by my side
Solid as rock with devotion abound
I realized then she would not be denied

There’s nobody better; now I can see
The friend who has all that I need is me

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sonnet #2 for February


The stress of her world is almost too much
Day after day she fights feelings of shame
She planned a life that she almost could touch
Now things are ruined and won’t be the same
At first the pressure wasn’t very strong
Seemed as if it was all under control
He showed his true colors before too long
Suddenly he was always on patrol

She and the kids can barely make a move
Without his questions and suspicious craze
Feels like she always has something to prove
It's been a nightmare getting through the days

If she had acted on mama’s advice
Maybe she wouldn’t be paying this price

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sonnet #1 for February


I know the truth you keep trying to hide
The look in your eyes tells all I should know
If just this once by your heart you’d abide
The strength of our love would most surely grow

We have been at this weak game for so long
I am not sure how much more I can take
You insist that what you’re feeling is wrong
I fear that our bond is about to break

You’ve got to stop listening to your friends
They have no knowledge of how our thing flows
If you refuse to make sure this game ends
You’ll have to live with the fate that you chose

My time is precious; please don’t be confused
I love you but won't let it be abused

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Haiku #1 for February


Sleep on me if you
want, but when you wake up, don't
ask me where I've been

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

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