Sunday, June 5, 2016


My name
Is Regret
I’m the slickest
Manipulator alive
You think I reside in a space and time
Separate from you
But ohhh, silly rabbit
Didn’t I just say I was the trickiest?
And I ain’t just for kids
My game is tight
I run it on all of you:
Women and men
Boys and girls
I don’t discriminate
My job is to wreak as much havoc
On your psyche
As many times a day
As I can

See, I live in the backyard
Of the intuition you refuse to heed
Where I buoyantly wait
For your train-wreck decisions to play out
Like a string of box-office flops

I’m always packed and ready
To make my ascent
To the height of your emotions
Pitch my tent
Camp out in your cognizance
Hike the trails of your thoughts
Hunt for the frailest of them
Lie in wait …
Then pray
I pray so hard
For you to second-guess yourself
Give in to the pressures of people
And life
And slip into the abyss of situations
That will be the death of your sanity

I bank on you being steeped
Chin deep
In your insecurities
Depleted self-esteem
And lack of faith in your ability
To navigate your storms

Like the uncontrollable force
Of quicksand—
Your financial fears
Need for acceptance and love
Craving for material things
That you mistakenly rely on for joy—
They squeeze you breathless
Sink you
Into a state of panic
Where you can't picture
A healthy way forward
Where you believe you have no choice
But to surrender to inferior options

I'll cheer as you tumble
Down the dark hole
Of sleepless nights
Random outbursts of unruly sobbing
Churning-stomach syndrome
Fear of retaliation
Longing for second chances
Mental and physical tumult—
The thought
Of your constant misery
And endless discomfort
Makes my glands all waterfall
Has me salivating
Like a ravenous wolf
Fangs bared
Anticipation dripping from my tongue
Like fresh tree sap
I can
Every drop
Of the remorse that will hemorrhage
Through the bitter tears
Whose streaks will tattoo your cheeks
In the boldest font
So that every time you look in the mirror
You will be forced
To remember the scenarios you chose
That backfired
The times you cocked your mouth
Emptied its chamber
And annihilated people
With words you can't take back
How you betrayed yourself
Forfeited your happiness
Cuz cowardice is your addiction
The crack in your brain’s pipeline
Decomposing your faculties

And I will roar in amusement
Beat my chest with arrogance
Revel in the ease of my accomplishment
In the depth of your weakness
Then I will
Smugly make my way
Back to the yard
Where I will kick my feet up
And slumber peacefully
Delighted that your life
Has yet again
Reached a new level
Of inescapable hell

©2016 Charlene E. Green