Friday, June 27, 2014


Heritage Sonnets are specifically for the purpose of encouraging healthy esteem in black youth. They are cards that double as bookmarks, for boys and girls, with a short poem on the front (a sonnet) that sends a message of empowerment and lets them know they are valued in this world, and a space on the back to write a special note. What started out as one set of inspirational sonnets ("Fly" and "Pride") has turned into a growing series that I hadn't planned on, but that I'm very excited about. This is a project that I'm now totally focused on building and improving. I invite you to support this worthy cause.
 Here are 5 ways the product benefits black youth:                   
  1. Encourages viewing themselves in a new light and prompts affirmative [re]examination of their worth;
  2. encourages them to explore poetry, possibly be curious enough to study it;
  3. gives something positive to read about themselves every day but short enough to keep their attention;
  4. gently warns about “reality potholes” where they’re concerned and presents proactive, healthy solutions that prompt early self-care;
  5. encourages deeper cultural awareness, interest, and discussion.
 To view product and to order, click link:
Thank you in advance for your caring and support.