Friday, April 18, 2014


Wake me with fresh-squeezed
hope flowing from my pores to
water my faith drought

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Thursday, April 17, 2014


You are hurricane
powered to reset balance;
cyclone yourself new

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Fine to admire
folks, but make room for yourself
on the pedestal

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Saturday, April 12, 2014


They probably don't
notice you cuz your ego
is blocking their view

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Friday, April 11, 2014


I've been using my teeth
to do more than eat
for a long time.

Truth is
I do bite.
I've been known to
escape from behind
my gate of civility
sink my fangs
into people's feelings
and leave more
than flesh wounds.

I've hurt many
with my
Quick Draw McGraw tongue.
Used to blast folks
without thinking
cuz I felt like saying
what I wanted
and if you
had a problem with it ...

Used to say things
to vex people on purpose.
Sometimes ...
it was an accident.
I spoke when my emotions
were raw.
Made people cry.

A family member
disowned me for four years
after I ripped out
her jugular.

Came unhinged
in my mother's peaceful home
right in front of her
when I released all
of my unfiltered Leo
on an ex-boyfriend
and let the savage lion
living in the back of my throat
mangle his face
through the phone

Scared her speechless.

She had never seen
a tornado
until that day
when it whirled
from my lips
for five minutes
and blew her roof off.

She tried to stifle my storm
but was too verklempt
to fully interrupt me.

I was sorry I scared her.
Not sorry I pummeled him.
Still not sorry.

Those are the consequences
if you trample
on my boundaries
and my wrath
isn't properly contained.

These days
I'm wiser
more tactful
I reassess
the toxins
I wanna release
before they abscond from me
and ruminate on
the potential outcome
of my onslaught.

I call on my teeth.

Thank goodness for my teeth.

They're my
prison bars.

When my tongue
goes all slip 'n' slide
and mean-girl words
pull out their shanks
climb aboard
and begin their descent
my teeth
are my saving grace.

I grind them
clench them
through them


to trap the assailment
in my mouth
keep the words from
falling to my regret

and the death
of people's esteem.

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Thursday, April 10, 2014

NAPOWRIMO 5/30: 411

some of them
won't like you
will think you're less than
will never be interested
in who you are

they'll sneer at you
your efforts
nickname you Road Kill
whenever it seems like life
is mowing you down

they'll cackle
like bourgie hyenas
at your misfortune
behind your back
sometimes right in your face
with their volatile breath
close enough for you to spit in theirs
and you will
but only in your mind

won't offer assistance
cuz they want you to fail
wanna watch you tussle
for your life
like the freshly pummeled road kill
they see you as
from the front row
shoveling popcorn and Bon Bons
into their scummy mouths
during the show
pointing out all your faults
yelling at you from their seats
about your screw-ups
how incompetent you are
how they would handle things better
if they were in your shoes

and you'll wonder
why these hooligans exist
why they chose you
as their daily entertainment
why with them around
your life feels like
a horror movie

BUT ...

if viewed properly
they can be the key
to unlocking your beast mode
unleashing your unlimited potential
all the confidence you think you don't have
the strength you've been challenged to muster
they can help you reach a level of badass
you didn't know existed

so use them
they're your reflection
sending you a message
one that wouldn't show up
unless it applied to you

you're not road kill
a failure
but if we're honest
sometimes you feel like it
and you attract what you feel
even when you don't realize you feel it

people show up
to show you
to teach you
things you didn't know
about your state of mind

pay attention

cuz none of what they say
would affect you
if you didn't think it were true
on some level

people don't "make" you feel insecure
you wake up like that

you're a trove
of unfinished business
that needs to be tackled
in order for you to shine

your whole game will change
when you finally realize
are nothing but you
pushing you
to be brave enough
to dig into your darkness
find your light

and blind them

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green
From the upcoming poetry book You Betta WRITE!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


She says "up there"
is the only place her heart
is safe

when she looks above
and confides in the heavens
the clouds don't judge
they're superheroes
that rush to her rescue
absorb her anguish
like cotton
imprison it
in their puffy padded rooms
to keep her out of
the one she's on her way to
and keep her in her right mind


everything gone wrong
dreams that slipped through the cracks
cuz she hadn't found ways
or enough faith
to seal their fate


everyone who wants for her
things she doesn't
and wants from her
what she's never bothered
to give herself


having little to show for her life
cuz she's too busy
living for others
feeding their souls a sumptuous buffet
while she
pecks at their crumbs
after they've scarfed and run
without so much as a thank you
leaving her malnourished
fat and full off her care
starved for her own attention
no energy left to even honor
her basic requirements

"no" is the only song
her esteem plays
cuz "yes" is the tune
she shimmies to
when they sing the blues
and she
is the only one
attending their concerts

but today is different

there are no clouds
to shelter her woes
nowhere to suspend her pain
but a vast expanse
of sapphire
a slate cleaner
than her own conscience

and the message is clear:
it's time to embrace this life
her decisions
her living in lack
for lack of courage
to be stronger
live better


superheroes only exist
when we become them
when we sew on a weather-proof cape
and fly to our own rescue
wielding inexhaustible superpowers

that the stratosphere
can no longer be
her enabler
will no longer play host
to her misery

it has done all it can
to trump the deceivers
lasso the villains
and slay the monsters

the rest
she'll have to handle alone 

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green


I’m not here to play
are not a childhood schoolyard game
a recess pastime
for kicks


this is not 5th grade
I’m grown-woman status

graduated from puppy love
my pursuit is
in your program
amass all facts
produce flawless dissertation
stay fully apprised
of your prerequisites

say nothing
I’ll know you
like my undisclosed next move
test me, love
I will ace you

my hand
blanketing your heart
every night
while you sleep
thumping your history
your destiny 
into my grasp
where I’ll palm-read you
across the grooves
of my lifelines
will be all the answers
I’ll need
to slide summa cum laude

into your soul

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green
From my upcoming book You Betta WRITE!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


It’s not that I'm short on daily narration
I got plenty of stories I wanna tell

thing is
these sagas
are sometimes like
an unruly gaggle
of drunken teens
stampeding out of
the party in my head
at the same time
stumbling over each other
my brain an unattended parking lot
that they trash
with incohesive dialect
that I scramble to gather
and turn into stimulating accounts
to no avail

and in this precarious state
I’m no longer their monarch
they have no respect for me
don’t follow my directions
don’t give a damn
what I want from them
that I expect them
to display decorum
show up for me
rep my position properly


they’re my bastard children
on a rampage
refusing to be tamed
during their circus act
leaving me unable
to regain dominion
and drive them to my page
without incident

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I will not apologize
for doin' me
tendin' to my business
havin' my own back
at a moment's notice
no regard for whether you
or not

won't feel "some kinda way"
cuz you're uncomfortable
with the pace of my life
the depth and length
of my challenges
my perceptions
how I embrace
what's on my plate

is my meal
and I'll season it
how I damn well please
it's supposed to be
to my liking

if I feel I can benefit
from some of your flavoring
then I'll ask
for two shakes
but rest assured
I'll be monitoring them
to make sure
you only throw in two
I know how you can be
give you the chance
to spice things up
and start "accidentally"
tossin' in extra dashes
of all the substances
that upset my stomach
you know
the usual suspects:
and dismissal
when what I invited
you to add
and encouragement


but since you sometimes
don't know how to act
and forget who's head chef
in my world
then please believe
I won't be sorry
when I shut you down
and tell you
the kitchen
is closed

Copyright 2014
Charlene E. Green