Monday, November 7, 2016


Here's how you can get my poetry CD, She Is Poetry: Use this link She Is Poetry CD to pay $10, and you'll receive the download link via email (no physical copies at this time). SO simple! Don't have Paypal? No worries! Just choose the option to pay without Paypal!

Here's some of what has been said about it:

"I am enchanted with this poetry CD! This is my first thorough introduction to Charlene Hustle Diva Green and I am in love with her narrative approach to poetry. This collection of poems is spun with intriguing everyday stories that will resonate with the listener like a family painting, familiar and warm. People with a performance poetry ear will enjoy this body of metaphors." ~Nikki Skies—Author, Poet, Actress, Playwright

"I enjoyed the full-bodied work with its melodic comfort, a swig of funk, with a small touch of futuristic aromas. 'Confidence Within' is calm and collected, which was one of my favorite tracks!" ~Shay Ensley—Author, Artist, Entrepreneur

"Hustle Diva speaks with authority. She has a special way of encouraging and nurturing through her poetry, all the while being transparent about her own life lessons." ~Audra Bryant—Actress, Comedienne, Singer/Songwriter 

"I really enjoyed it very much. Your CD reeks 'confidence' and very much a woman who knows what she wants, what she is, and who she is. Happy I purchased. From one poet to another, keep up the good work in spreading the 'word.'" ~Quanda R. Graves—Author, Poet, Entrepreneur

*Includes my signature poem, "Misinformed (If the Shoe Fits)," which you can sample here, if you haven't heard it:

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hey, everyone! I hope you're all doing well and that your holiday season is starting out right! 
Speaking of holidays ... it's that time of year again. The shopping season is among us, and as many of you know, I have plenty of ways for you to gift people. One of my main products right now is my new line of T-shirts. They're fun, inspirational, and unique. There are two sections: Empowerment Quotes and Haiku. I invite you to peruse the options, and if you haven't already purchased one for yourself, I encourage you to do that, as well as grab something for a friend or loved one. Now is the perfect time to order, as shipping times will increase significantly the closer we get to Christmas. 

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Enjoy your season, everyone! And thank you, in advance, for your support! 


Your innocent words press heavily
Upon the nerve you hit

The sting of the truth you are unaware
That you have thrown in my face 
Cuts me deep—
But what can I say? 
The truth is the truth....

Funny how a moment of idle chatter and fun
Can suddenly turn into a life-altering epiphany
For one who has so many lessons to learn
Old habits to break
And inner work to tend to

Distracted and disturbed by the sound
Of your voice ringing in my head
Waking me to the error of my ways
Yet shaming me of them, too
Makes my heart feel weighted
Leaves my eyes blurred with tears
But makes me glad you said so
Cuz the bitter dose of reality you fed me
Clearly my life must have sought

Because pressing at the forefront of my brain
Were those same mashed thoughts—
I held them of myself—
But I just said they were mashed—
By excuses, by fear
By a million erroneous beliefs 
That make my head spin
Make me dizzy
Make me damn near insane
And in the end
Debilitate and paralyze me...
I can barely move

It’s hard to breathe when your mind
Is enslaved by the devil’s voice
And your hip is numb and sunken into
The permanent concave imprint
Left in the middle of the bed
Where you lie...
Spiritually dead
Not even enough hope 
To fit underneath a fingernail

Such a small word
With even bigger meaning
And sometimes I have none

Right now
I can clearly see
The value you will have in my life
Because true friends speak the truths we hide
And force us to grow
And be better
And better I will be 
Because of you

©2005 Charlene E. Green
From Me to You ... Through Mine Eyes: Visual Expressions