Sunday, April 21, 2019

NaPoWriMo #1: OVERKILL (Haiku)

You don't have dimples.
That's cool, cuz your face has reached
its perfection max.

©2019 Charlene E. Green


Just because
I haven't written about you yet
doesn't mean I'm at a loss for words

They're tangled up
in a long line
of confusion
many of them aggressively
cutting in front of each other
pissing off the ones
that think they're more knowledgeable
getting elbowed
back into their rightful place

Thing is
they're all arrogant
think they got this sitch
on lock
assured of their preparedness
to be at the forefront
speaking about you
but they're mistaken
they don't know shit
about what this is
cuz it changes
with the SoCal weather:
every. fucking. week.
you and me
we be full-on heatstroke
one day
the next
I be sick sometimes
from this constant climate change
don't know why
I fail
to step into your element
prepped for its inconsistency

Yes I do...

But lemme go bust up
this fight first
find out what all
the commotion is about
wrangle the truth
from the most credible snitch—
I mean—
in line
and I'll be right back
to fill you in

©2019 Charlene E. Green