Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Okay, everyone. We really need to talk about IT'S and ITS. *sigh* This error makes me cringe every time I see it. Please learn the difference between the two words, because they are totally  different. That apostrophe changes the whole game, and it will ruin yours  if you're not using it properly. So, let's review:

IT'S is strictly a contraction for "it is" and "it has." That is all. If you write "it's," you better be saying something in the realm of: It's [It has] been a great day, or It's [It is] gonna rain. That's the extent of "it's," people.

ITS is purely a possessive form of the pronoun "it." There is no apostrophe when indicating possession. When you write "its," you better be saying something in the realm of: The dog keeps chasing its tail. [The tail belongs to the dog.] or The jury has reached its decision. [The decision belongs to the jury, collectively.]

Please, for the love of life, stop writing things like: The sun has lost IT'S glare. What you just said was a contracted form of: The sun has lost it is glare, or The sun has lost it has glare. Or: The dog keeps chasing IT'S tail. (You just said The dog keeps chasing it is [or it has] tail.) The proper word is ITS. Any time you wanna indicate that something belongs to something or someone, using the word IT, you need to say ITS.

And if I see one more meme with incorrect it's and its, I'm gonna scream! I can't take you seriously when you post memes with sayings like: "Everything happens in IT'S own time." Nope, I can't!

Holla at me for those editing and proofreading services that you clearly need if you're making this mistake.

Now, IT'S time for me to carry on. This post has reached ITS informational limit.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Today, I did an awesome Creative Consultation with a woman who has a great project in the making, who was concerned that it had no value for anyone but herself. It has SO much value for others! I'm excited for her to finish it and get it out there! She left feeling totally relieved, excited, and fulfilled, and told me the consult was well worth the money.

I LOVE doing Creative Consultations! They're actually my favorite part of my literary services. I love talking to people about their projects and not only teaching them the ins and outs of putting together a good book, but also brainstorming with them, helping them work through kinks, and getting/keeping things moving so they can get their work published. I could do CCs all day, every day, and never get bored!

If you're working on a literary project or contemplating doing so, and you're stuck about how to move forward, then get with me and let's make that thang happen!