Saturday, October 14, 2017


The Chori-Man
has a fool-proof plan
to reel 'em in—
as many as he can
with unique specials
only he can create
and sizes so hearty
you can't resist the bait

It's for those who are aware
and those who are not
of how chorizo
made with love
will hit the spot
cure your hunger pangs
satisfy your craving
and before the meal is done
you'll surely be raving

He cares about how
your taste buds feel
wants your stomach so happy
it makes you dance and squeal
then run around town
loudly spreading the news
about how The Chori-Man's recipes
squashed your chow-time blues

Think you won't like it?
Think again!
The Chori-Man's flavor game
will make you scream "AMEN!"

Hard to impress?
No problem and here's why:
this guy has confidence
in every reply
has the perfect feast remedy
for Ms. Picky
and Mr. Side-Eye
with a sales pitch so convincing
you'll be excited to try
all the things you swear
you don't like and don't eat
but he'll win you over so hard
you'll be back for a repeat

So come on in
and bring your big appetite
for down-home Mexican food
that will thrill and delight
with warm greetings
from the staff
smiles full and bright
here to serve you the best eats
from morning till night

And get yourself ready
to become a huge fan
'cause when the others can't deliver

©2017 Charlene E. Green
Special Order for
The Chori-Man Mexican Restaurant
San Pedro, CA

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Love self out loud like
parade: joy and high volume
drown out disruptors

©2017 Charlene E. Green
from my upcoming poetry book
You Betta Write!