Sunday, April 22, 2018


When the sun is ornery
As it wakes
Cops attitude
Its warmth a blank stare
Shine selfishly tucked
Behind its frown

When the morning air is catty
Picks a fight with you
Pimp-slaps your face
With its icy breath
Before you've even
Negotiated with yourself
About how many more
Snooze-button taps
There will be
Before you'll have the capacity
To untangle yourself
From the all-night caress
Of your covers

When yesterday's balmy breeze
Is now a gale
In the throes of tantrum
Assailing trees
Fracturing branches
Hurling leaves
Flinging dust

When the clouds are murky
Weak as a tattered bladder
And their untimely incontinence
Puts a damper
On your carefully thought-out
Wardrobe selection—
The one the weatherman said
Today would be perfect for—

The day is still yours
For the winning

Resilience has extended its hand
Hopes you'll take it
And unleash its power

Your favorite activities
Still await
Your enthusiastic participation

Loved ones
Anticipate your wit and cheer
Smiles and encouragement

Unmet goals
Anxiously predict
Your continued fight
For their achievement

So no matter
What side of the bed
Mother Nature wakes up on
Don't let that
Impede the control
You have over your fulfillment

Don't forget
That you're not
At Her mercy

She's allowed
To start the day
Throwing shade

And you're allowed
To make light of it

©2018 Charlene E. Green

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