Sunday, January 3, 2010

And They'll Come Home

Well, it's almost that time...time for you to get prepared for my new novel, the sequel to One Man's Treasure. And They'll Come Home will be the surprise of the year in the literary world. I promise you that. And I don't promise things that often. This is a book that's definitely tailored for the men this time, but it's still full of the drama that the women need, too. If you haven't read its prequel, well, I suggest you get started on that, because let me tell you—you have no business trying to creep up on a come up where the sequel is concerned if you haven't gotten ready for its content by reading part one. March 2nd is the date of birth, and Mama has been close to bursting at the seams for over a year! You can pre-order your book at, or you can wait and get it directly from me the first week it hits the shelves. I'll have my private stash by then. Below are the summaries for both books.

Katrice Vincent has waited a long time to find her soul mate. When Weston Porter
successfully sweeps her off her feet, she knows for sure she’s found what she’s been searching for. There’s just one problem: After more than ten years, her lifelong obsession, Royce, has returned to their hometown. Back in high school, he made it clear that she wasn’t the one for him; now, he’s presenting her with a tempting offer that rocks—and could shatter—her world.

Will she be able to find the strength to stay true to the one man she knows in her
heart she belongs with? Or, will she risk everything for the one man she knows in her heart she’s never gotten over, so that she can finally close this long and traumatic chapter?

Go with Katrice on her whirlwind, exciting, nail-bitingly tense, and moral-testing journey, as she walks you step-by-step through the before-and-after of the biggest
decision of her life. You will ask yourself for years to come, “What would I have done?”

Eight years ago, Royce Phillip Jordan III wreaked havoc on the lives and the relationship of Katrice Vincent and Weston Porter. After nearly a year of hell, the two managed to find their way back to each other and resume being the loving couple they were before the damage was done. But the eight years that have passed have merely been the calm before the storm, because while Katrice and Weston have moved on with their lives, sore-loser Royce has not.

Dissatisfied with the way things ended with Katrice, Royce returns to try to conquer her once and for all, by any means necessary, and with no regard for who may get hurt in the process. This time, the journey is rougher, fiercer, and even
more emotionally charged than the first, as Katrice and Weston fight—in very different ways—to keep their relationship and family intact, and out of Royce’s ruthless destruction zone.

Do they have what it takes to prevail for a second time? Or will Royce tear Katrice away from Weston for good, and finally win the heart of the woman of his dreams?

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